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'There's a great future in plastics.'These words were said 5 decades ago in one of the iconic films of the 60's, The Graduate. It was true then, it is truer now. Today, plastic is not only one of the most preferred and ubiquitous materials but also it has replaced many traditional materials as it has evolved over time. We are proud to be part of an ever-growing industry and consider ourselves fortunate to earn the accolade 'Plastic Professionals' from our clients. Since our inception in 1988, we are focused on innovation and customer satisfaction. For the past three decades, we haven't deviated from this credo and have becomes an integral part of our clients' success stories. Over the years, from mould manufacturing we have grown to providing premier plastic mouldings and engineering support capabilities. We have been the pioneers in replacing metal to plastic and glass to plastic products in India. With services including engineering assistance with initial concept development and product design, product management right from rapid prototyping through all the way to production tooling approval, moulding and assembly, our team works with you to ensure your business objectives are met in the quickest and the most economical way.


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